Best Bookstores in Los Angeles

Nowadays, people tend to read everything on the Internet. From everyday newspaper sites to huge scientific researches and novels. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that books are becoming extinct. Yes, there was a decrease in the number of traditional readers, but there are still plenty of paper books out there. Especially in Los Angeles, the city known for its culture, entertainment opportunities, and of course, stores.

So, if you look up “bookstore Los Angeles”, you’ll receive tons of variants. From old-school cozy ones with novels piled everywhere, to modern and progressive. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for used books Los Angeles or new books Los Angeles, you’ll still be surprised by the vast majority of options you have. 

Also, it’s pretty obvious that most of them are located in the most popular areas of the city. Yes, I’m talking about everything around Central LA. These book stores in Los Angeles can become some kind of your personal oasis. Because people easily lose track of time and reality while going through all the printed pages. Nothing brings more satisfaction than finding a perfect story to feed your mind and imagination with. Paper books just have their own charm that no display can ever beat.

7 Bookstores in Los Angeles

As said before, there are countless bookstores in LA. That means, now you need to choose between them depending on your circumstances. Some may be too far from your location, while others are simply too arty and their pricing politics is aimed at the Hollywood and Beverly Hills dwellers. 

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s just that some people are looking for a Los Angeles bookstore they will be financially able to buy something from. So, looking through all of them, we decided to make this shortlist to include every worthy bookstore Los Angeles. But don’t consider it a competition. We’re not trying to determine a single best bookstore in Los Angeles. It’s more of a small compilation of the ones we would recommend.

So, without further ado, let’s find you some places to fulfill all your book-shopping desires.

The Last Los Angeles Bookstore


Despite its name, The Last Bookstore will be the first step in our bookstore Los Angeles journey. It’s truly a gem of the city and not a hidden one. This 22 thousand square foot space used to be a bank. And you can feel the history and all the different experiences behind these walls. You can’t speak about bookstores in Los Angeles and not mention this one. Just visit this home of more than 300 000 books and you’ll understand.

Small World Books Stores Los Angeles


Pretty much the opposite to our previous mention. Small World Books is located along the Venice Beach boardwalk and is one of the many bookstores Los Angeles has to offer. Yes, you understood it right, it’s just like these small stalls with used books. But instead of being a tiny local booth on the street, Small World Books is one of the best bookstores in Los Angeles. It’s a perfect match for everyone willing to have a read on the beach after visiting book stores in Los Angeles.

Hennessey + Ingalls Books Los Angeles


What’s the biggest problem when trying to find books store in Los Angeles? That’s right, the location. And especially if you’re not acquainted with the city. That’s one example of why Henessey+Ingalls could be called the best Los Angeles book store. But even if it doesn’t set on top of the other ones, it’s still something you must visit, especially if you’re into art and architecture. It’s a family business that has been around since the ’60s, and that speaks for itself.

Best Bookstore in Los Angeles for Horror-lovers


For those who are looking for something more specific, something dark and scary, here’s the one for you. As the name speaks, Dark Delicacies is a modern example of Los Angeles bookstores. Doesn’t make it any less awesome, though. It’s dedicated to everything horror-related, even arts and jewelry. So, while looking for vintage and used books store Los Angeles, you should definitely try this dark mysterious corner out.

Iliad Books Stores Los Angeles

A compilation of the best bookstores in Los Angeles can never be full without Iliad Book Shop. It houses an enormous collection of books and is famous for the number of graphic novels in it. They sell, buy and trade books, so anyone can take a part in the life of Los Angeles bookstores. It’s located in North Hollywood, so you can see lots of interesting locations on your way to Los Angeles used bookstores.

Skylight Los Angeles Book Store

Skylight Books can be found in the central district of the city. And in the center of this used books store Los Angeles itself there’s something you don’t usually expect to see - a tree. It’s a very cozy and comfortable place to spend time in. And considering that visitors are allowed to enter with food and drinks, it’s pretty hard to resist living in this books store in Los Angeles.

Vroman’s Bookstores in Los Angeles

The oldest among Los Angeles bookstores - Vroman’s. It was founded in the 19th century, so one can only imagine the sheer size and number of books in it. It’s pretty easy to get lost in, so be prepared. Speaking about this “godfather” of book stores Los Angeles, it’s easy to call it the largest and the most important point in the book-shopping journey.


As you can see, every example of these best bookstores in Los Angeles is unique in its own way. Some may have an interesting history and placement, while others offer an exceptional choice of a certain type of writing. But it’s pretty obvious that you should visit every books store in Los Angeles. Well, you should at least try.

And don’t limit yourself with this list only, there’s much more into the book world of this city. Countless other places should be visited while looking for used books Los Angeles. Maybe you’re the one who will find and share some overlooked or hidden places? There’s only one way to find out, so go ahead and explore this amazing city. And don’t forget about your goal - to find that perfect book you’ve always dreamed of.