8 ways to use for impress your employer instantly

So you've made a summary that deserves Pulitzer's work, solve your way through interviews (or two), and you manage your work. First of all, congratulations. Second, you're not very comfortable yet. You still have to beat your boss

This not only makes a big cheese useful for climbing the corporate ladder (if it is your target), but the former boss who loves you will add a stronger blow to your future applications. Part-time work in a shoe store, or between 9 and 5 jobs in the cabins, what you benefit from your employer is a useful step to improve career prospects

You bragged about your talents, repeated a bit of hyperbolic story about how you overcome the difficulties, and, in fact, told your employer everything they wanted to know before you were hired. Now it's time to put the money on your mouth. Remind the boss why you hired him. Get your feet off the table and do what you were hired to do. Don't spend an hour in the recreation room playing the Stone. Even if you're just an intern, be the best coffee runner ever seen. In the process, you will see that your boss is serious that you haven't just come up with your qualities, and that they can trust you with the big, better, more expensive positionals somewhere down the road

"Remind the boss why you hired me."

The conversations with your employees (at the right time) show that your boss is comfortable, working well with people and committed to the team. Besides, you have a lot of possibilities: colleagues have introduced you to the workplace, answer questions and help you to become familiar with the company. Maybe you'll find someone to work with or your friends after work. Plus, talking to your employees is a simple way to connect to the network and create connections. Just not at your neighbor's, like her blind date, while you're at the project meeting, okay?

Trust the company

Show the initiative by participating in the work discussions. Are there any problems you know how to solve them? Tell me! Do you have an idea for a campaign or a new business plan? Let everyone know! Nobody knows what to do for lunch? I suggest you like your favorite sandwiches in the street! Believe me, I know that the exchange of ideas can be scary, but don't worry, even if your offer doesn't fly. You can push ideas away from each other until a solution is found

Start your search

You are not only asking questions about your understanding of the work, but also helping you to stay on the way to your work and to show your employer that you care about what you are doing. Take a few questions for the first day of work. I know you think you're annoying, but it's better to ask than blindly do the task and take the risk, making it wrong. In addition, your employer will expect you to have a lot of questions in the first two weeks, after all, the new girl

"Nothing suggests that AM DEPENDABLE is more than demonstrating your willingness to help the company achieve success."

In addition, if you want to stay in the company for a long time, asking questions that will help you understand the company's goals and values. Then find out how you can help them get there. Nothing says "I AM DEPENDABLE" more than demonstrating your willingness to help the company achieve success

First impressions are all, so I hope the attire suitable for this task. Be aware of the dress code-if your work has everyday Fridays, you understand the level of their daily work. It is shown in the office in paid pajamas, and the oversized sports shirt is probably not the best idea (unless your boss says otherwise). You want to be taken seriously, even on the most random day of the week

Let them see those who hurt them

We've all heard that a smile requires less force than a frowaway. The jury's still out, whether it's true or not, but it's still a good excuse to sign. Smilling makes you friendly and available, and it says you're having a good time. Take your hands off him while you're on it. You know, open the body language. You will reap the fruits

Be armed and ready

You know what you get when your teacher tells the class that it's time for a mission, and you realize you forgot to print it out? Yeah, that's the worst. To prevent the same feeling of nervousness at work, to be ready for your job to put your work. Capture your presentations, update your labor, and leave them at the top of all your tasks. You don't have to lock your mind up so you can lose your game to the boss

Do not be late (for important dates)

"Better late than never," in some cases rightly, but "better timing than late" is a more realistic phrase. Once employers find you irresponsible and are not prepared to fulfill their obligations, they may be prepared for late or late presentations. This is definitely not what you're going to do (unless your goal is achieved). A set of alarms that will be required to wake you up so that you know when to leave the house on time, schedule and job lists, and help you to do your job well and in time. If your preferred method is a system of reward awards, you better slip these yolets-you have business, friends!

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